Starting a blog, hoping it will last.

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So I have finally decided to settle on a template for my website, after searching too long, and it fits all my requirements. It is elegant, minimalistic, has a medium-style blog with markdown support, and is built on top of Jekyll. It’s called Indigo and has been built by Sergio Kopplin.

As I write this, I plan and hope to keep this space updated with all the latest posts. I have been living in Switzerland for the past 22 days (I’m doing an internship here), and have had several amazing experiences by now, and have also made a lot of friends from all parts of the world, so all the more reasons to write down about and share the experiences here.

I’ll keep this one short, and maybe describe the details in the next post.


Abhinav Jain

Abhinav Jain

Student. Hacker. Loves Music and Travel.

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